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 {TD}'s Website! - Updated 12-20-2011

 TF2 Server is back!

 Desioutkast is now contributing to host our TF2 Server
 Please give him a big thanks!
 Our L4D 2 server is up by request now with a new server I.P  info is down below
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 Ventrilo server vent.teamdomination.com port 4262
 Donations are welcome :)

Andrew and Troy Show!

Check out what Liquid Snake and Dominator (Andrew and Troy) are doing as we make our random videos about inside jokes about the server or do a remix of a parody of some of our favorites!

Team Fortress 2

{TD} Opened up a new server that Desioutkast is hosting for us with Darkstar servers! Our new server is still a 500 tick server. Be part of the fun by visiting

L4D Meets Team Domination

{TD} now has a Left 4 Dead 2 server which comes loaded with sourcemod, post on the forum if you want admin powers. Try it out it here, message Dom to load it

Facebook and TD

{TD} has now it's own fan page on facebook! Become a fan to recieve updates with news about whats going on with us! Also you will be able to find some of us on there to add as friends.
Team Domination and Facebook
The Andrew And Troy Show Episode of the Week!

Here's The Andrew And Troy Show episode of the week! Keep tuning in here or on youtube!
Here we like to post random videos that we make off our ideas and we mostly like to keep them funny
We can't promise that all of them will be hits but we sure do try to get some laughs out of you!
Videos are mostly posted weekly so don't miss out on these!
LiquidSnake's Sound Board!
Check out LiquidSnakes very own soundboard!
Fuck Salt!
Check out tourettes guy's soundboard!!
Marios Bros Sounds
If your bored at all this kept me entertained for awhile.
Dom's youtube channel
Check out Dominator's youtube channel and subscribe to see the new videos!
Achievemnet Generator
Create your very own achievement with pictures to put as your sig or mess around!
TF2 Kill Hud Generator!
Create your very own kill hud generator to put as your sig or mess around!