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Author Topic: Team talk  (Read 1085 times)
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    « on: August 10, 2009, 04:58:13 PM »


    I added this today, we had this before but players couldn't mute a any player using TF2's menu, they would have to be votemuted so I took it off.  This though should work just fine, let me know if you notice any issues.


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    « Reply #1 on: August 10, 2009, 06:35:34 PM »

    Quote from: Ratty

    +teamtalk - turns on talk to team mode
    -teamtalk - turns off talk to team mode

    Now for the bad news, for people to use it, they need to make some aliases, so this isnt something you can just explain to the pubbers how to do in game.
    If anyone has a way to do it in a single bind, that would be awesome!

    Lets say you want V to be normal talk, and F to only send voice to your team.

    alias +teamonly "+teamtalk;+voicerecord"
    alias -teamonly "-teamtalk;-voicerecord"

    bind f +teamonly
    bind v +voicerecord

    It plays a short beep of a different pitch when you start and stop talking, so you know its working.

    Alternatively, you can bind a key to be a toggle, then push the normal voice key to talk.

    alias teamtalktoggle1 "+teamtalk; alias teamtalktoggle teamtalktoggle2"
    alias teamtalktoggle2 "-teamtalk; alias teamtalktoggle teamtalktoggle1"
    alias teamtalktoggle teamtalktoggle1
    bind f teamtalktoggle
    bind v +voicerecord


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    « Reply #2 on: August 17, 2009, 07:03:12 PM »

    I like it.

    And those binds are rather basic, i don't know why that guy doesn't think we could make it.

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