Welcome, Today is:

Welcome to TeamDomination.com's Server! Add us to your favorites and receive a cookie!

Our rules are very simple, follow them and you will have no problems here

1.   Don't piss anyone off or we will throw piss at you

2.   Don't be annoying with the voice chat please, voice spaming will get automuted

3.   Be polite to everyone, treat everyone with respect and you shall recieve the same

4.   This server is mainly here for you guys to have fun either if it be by playing serious or running around acting like an idiot, hopefully your team doesn't mind it or you just broke rule number one :(

Visit our forum at www.TeamDomination.com to post for the following

-   If you want to join {TD} (or type join{td} in the game chat)

-   If you would like a reserved slot

-   Admin question or comments

-   General Comments or concerns

-   Viewing naked pictures of Dominator

Our map rotation for now is based on your votes, so make them count!

How To Use Team Talk? Follow These Instructions:

1.   Enter these commands in console and change the key to what you prefer. You should hear a different sound when you use team talk.

alias +teamonly "+teamtalk;+voicerecord"

alias -teamonly "-teamtalk;-voicerecord"

bind f +teamonly

or be like Dominator and use:

bind "CAPSLOCK" +teamonly

2.    If you find that your button doesn't work the next time and you have to re-enter the binds then add the lines above to your config.cfg file in your steam folder (C:\programfiles\steam\steamapps\(yourusername)\team fortress 2\tf\cfg\config.cfg) you will most likely have to make the file a read-only by right clicking the file, select properties and in the attributes section mark the check box for "read-only"